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Repository for the Open Information Security Risk Universe


A Risk Universe provides a comprehensive view of the possible risks we face. This view is designed to aid in categorisation but also to act as a check on the scope of our risk identification exercises to ensure we don’t miss risks that then take us by surprise when they occur.

Risk Management

The goal of the Open Information Security Risk Universe (OISRU) is to provide a model and method independent framework and taxonomy for expressing and categorising security risk.

This framework should be complementary to the Basel II operational risk event types, recognising that information security risk permeates operational risk.

Overview of the Risk Universe

The Open Information Security Risk Universe comprises, at it’s core, Sources of Risk Events, Risk Events and Consequences of Risk Events. These are supplemented by Risk Factors that drive the Frequency or Severity of the Risks.


The Open Information Security Risk Universe does not directly address likelihood or controls as these are covered in other relevant analysis and evaluation methods.


Risk: The effect of uncertainty on objectives. Usually expressed in terms of risk sources, possible events and their consequences and likelihood. (Source: ISO 31000)

Sources of Risk: Element which alone or in combination has the potential to give risk to risk. (Source: ISO 31000)

Risk Event: Occurence or a change of a particular set of circumstances. (Source: ISO 31000)

Consequences: Outcome of an event affecting objectives. (Source: ISO 31000)

Likelihood: Chance of something occuring. (Source: ISO 31000)

Control: Measure that maintains or modifies risk. (Source: ISO 31000)

Other Relevant Standards

Both of these standards are very useful and highly recommended sources but they do tie their taxonomy into specific qualitative methods for risk analysis. The goal of OSIRU is to be independent of any particular analysis model, whether quantitative or qualitative.


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