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Repository for the Open Information Security Risk Universe

Risk Events

Risk events are events that can occur and may cause consequences.

Risk events may lead to other risk events. For example a software exploit may lead to unauthorised access to a system.

We use a simple hierarchy to provide convenient groupings of events. We recommend using the framework at the appropriate level of granularity with regards to the risk scenarios being considered.

Indicative impacts on the information security goals of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability have been added where appropriate.

External Risk Events

External Risk Events are events that may occur outside your scope of control but may still cause consequences for your organisation or it’s stakeholders.

Level 1 Level2 CIA
Supplier Service Unavailability Availability
  Service Compromise Confidentiality, Integrity
  Information Breach Confidentiality
  Access to Our System Breach Confidentiality, Integrity
  Compliance Failure  
Regulatory Rules Change  
Research Critical Vulnerability Published  

Internal Risk Events

Internal Risk Events are events that may occur within your scope of control and cause consequences for your organisation or it’s stakeholders.

The Internal Risk Events are largely derived from this ENISA [PDF] review of CSIRT incident taxonomies across Europe.

Level 1 Level 2 CIA
Abusive Content Harmful Speech  
  Child / Sexual / Violent Content  
Malware Ransomware Availability
  Worm Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
  Spyware Confidentiality
  Rootkit Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
Availability Interruption Distributed / Denial of Service Availability
  Sabotage Integrity, Availability
Information Gathering Open Source Intelligence Analysis Confidentiality
  Network Scanning  
  Network Sniffing Confidentiality
Social Engineering Lies Confidentiality, Integrity
  Threats Confidentiality, Integrity
  Phishing Confidentiality, Integrity
  Bribes Confidentiality, Integrity
Information Breach Unathorised access to system / component Confidentiality, Integrity
  Unauthorised access to information Confidentiality
  Unauthorised sharing of information Confidentiality
  Unauthorised modification of information Integrity
  Unauthorised deletion of information Integrity, Availability
Fraud Misappropriation / misuse of resources  
  False representation  
  Theft of money  
System Intrusion Software Exploit Confidentiality, Integrity
  SQL injection Confidentiality, Integrity
  Cross-site scripting (XSS) Confidentiality, Integrity
  File Inclusion Confidentiality, Integrity
  Control System Bypass Confidentiality, Integrity
  Use of stolen credentials Confidentiality, Integrity
  Password brute force Confidentiality, Integrity
Governance Failure Process failure Confidentiality, Integrity
  Audit Failure Confidentiality, Integrity